As an outdoor brand, we’d be nothing without nature. We count on the fact that all of you love the outdoors; you love spending time there. We also count on the fact that the more time you spend in nature, the more time you want to spend there. But nature means different things to different people, both tangible an intangible.

The Cambridge dictionary defines it as:

“All the animals, plants, rocks in the world and all the features, forces and processes that happen or exist independently of people.”

All very physical sides of nature. But there’s more to nature than what we can see with our eyes. We have an emotional connection to it. It affects us in ways we can’t explain. It makes us feel things.


So there’s also a second definition in the Cambridge dictionary:

“The force that is responsible for physical life and that is sometimes spoken of as a person.”

We need both sides. We need the mountains, trees, rivers and oceans. We need them because together they become transcendental. They become the force of nature. The force of nature helps us relax, feel free, feel strong; it humbles us and heals us; it fills us with a sense of belonging. So this is the real reason why we say:

Without nature, we’re nothing.

Throughout autumn we’ll be sharing personal stories of what nature means to different Fjällräven employees – from nature as a teacher to nature as a healer and a whole load of things in between. We’d also like to know what nature means to you. Share your personal relationship to nature on our Facebook page and the best comments will be featured on the Foxtrail later this season.

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