Our Stories From The Trail

Fjällräven Polar | 9 minutes read

Kitty Zaja x Polar 2018

Kitty Zaja, a participant in Polar 2018, tells us about her experiences and how the journey changed her life.

Fjällräven Polar | 5 minutes read

What is Polar?

We talk a lot about Polar. But what exactly is it? Everything you need to know about the journey of...

Our history | 5 minutes read

Legendary Greenland Jacket

Do you know the unlikely story of how the legendary Expedition Down Jacket came to be? Now's your chance. 

Our history | 4 minutes read

1974 – Åke decides to never feel cold again

Do you know the unlikely story of how the legendary Expedition Down Jacket came to be? Now's your chance.

Sustainability | 5 minutes read

The future of wool production

The most important reasons why we love to use wool and where the future of wool production is heading.

Sustainability | 7 minutes read

Defining Sustainability

Christiane Dolva Törnberg, Head of Sustainability, tells us what sustainability is, and how it impacts decisions.

Sustainability | 8 minutes read

Not just any wool

Soft, durable, moisture wicking, odour resistant and warming - what more could we possibly want? Sustainability of course.

Sustainability | 2 minutes read

Protecting nature from ourselves

Get to know the non-profit organisation that helps people enjoy nature responsibly.

Sustainability | 2 minutes read

High five for an innovative integration method

Health boosting activities free of charge and open to everyone? Sounds pretty good if you ask us.

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

First winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative: The Beach Clean Network Ltd

The first grant winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative in 2019 was The Beach Clean Network Ltd.

Sustainability | 4 minutes read

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative, the 2019 winners and the latest on applications for 2020.

Sustainability | 5 minutes read

Fjällräven applauds the UN Global Climate Change Action initiative

Together we can do more. Fjällräven joins the UN Sustainable Fashion Charter for Climate Change.

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

Introducing the Swedish textile initiative for climate action

We’re part of a new group aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the Swedish textile industry.

Heritage | 4 minutes read

A brief history of tents

The birth of the Fjällräven Thermo Tent in 1965 paved the way for Fjällräven's innovative tents of today.

Tips | 6 minutes read

Ted Weirum’s gear recommendations

Ted Weirum shares his best tips on preparing for the Classic.


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