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Defining Sustainability

Christiane Dolva Törnberg, Head of Sustainability, tells us what sustainability is, and how it impacts decisions. Sustainability is a priority...

Sustainability | 7 minutes read

Not just any wool

Soft, durable, moisture wicking, odour resistant and warming - what more could we possibly want? Sustainability of course.

Sustainability | 8 minutes read

Protecting nature from ourselves

Get to know the non-profit organisation that helps people enjoy nature responsibly.

Nature | 2 minutes read

High five for an innovative integration method

Health boosting activities free of charge and open to everyone? Sounds pretty good if you ask us.

Nature | 2 minutes read

First winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative: The Beach Clean Network Ltd

The first grant winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative in 2019 was The Beach Clean Network Ltd.

Nature | 3 minutes read

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative, the 2019 winners and the latest on applications for 2020.

Sustainability | 4 minutes read

Fjällräven applauds the UN Global Climate Change Action initiative

Together we can do more. Fjällräven joins the UN Sustainable Fashion Charter for Climate Change.

Sustainability | 5 minutes read

Introducing the Swedish textile initiative for climate action

We’re part of a new group aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the Swedish textile industry.

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

A brief history of tents

The birth of the Fjällräven Thermo Tent in 1965 paved the way for Fjällräven's innovative tents of today.

Heritage | 4 minutes read

Ted Weirum’s gear recommendations

Ted tell us about his tips and tricks for preparing for the Fjällräven Classic.

Tips | 6 minutes read

Jeremiah was first to complete the four Classics.

Jeremiah was first to complete the four Fjällräven Classics. Will he be the first to complete the new Classics too?

Adventures | 5 minutes read

Classic Denmark 2019

An essential read if you are taking part in the Fjällräven Classic Denmark. Everything you need to know before you...

Adventures | 4 minutes read

Top 6 activities to do during your stay in Hong Kong

Get back to nature with our Fjällräven Hong Kong team’s top 6 activities to do during your stay in Hong...

Adventures | 5 minutes read

Five tips to becoming a ski-touring pro

Don’t go too steep A common mistake, both for beginners and more seasoned skiers, is to skin up on too...

Adventures | 3 minutes read

Trek Indonesia

Part 2: Fjallraven Classic-type trekking around the world.

Fjällräven Classic | 5 minutes read


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