Abisko trekking tights testers’ review: part 3

Hiking and trekking are all about freedom. About exploring new places in a way that suits you. Being flexible, adaptive. Perhaps using a map and compass and roaming 'off road', leaving the well-trodden trail and setting your own. And we see Abisko Trekking Tights as the perfect partners to this freedom; this freedom to roam, to move where you want to.

Like our trousers, they have a whole load of handy features and pockets in all the right places. They're just stretchier; they can be worn under trousers as a base layer and they dry quickly. They look great too.

And these seem to be views shared by our team of tights testers too.

"I'm very happy with my Abisko trekking tights," says Sofie Lovdal, one of the lucky participants of Fjällräven Polar 2017. "They are super comfortable and perfect for both trekking and running. The things I like most are the high waist and that they don't fall down while running."

Sofie Lovdal

But she did have a little design feedback. "I think the trekking tights should come in shorter versions as well because they were a little too long for me. But other than that, I really like them!"

Lena Beyssell, from Germany, has also been testing Abisko Trekking Tights. She's a keen hiker, out in the Germany mountains on a regular basis. So she's in a good position to test our tights. "The Abisko Trekking Tights are super comfortable, I didn't want to stop wearing them at home even after the end of my hiking day trip in Germany during the Easter weekend," said Lena. "I love how the fabric feels – especially when climbing up steeper areas and putting my hands on the upper thighs for support. I'm looking forward to wearing them for more than one day on my hiking trip to Canada next month and then, of course, to Fjällräven Classics in Sweden this upcoming August!" 

Lena Beyssell

24-year old Kitti from Hungary spends a lot of time outdoors, walking or running long distances with her team of energetic huskies. “These tights have become my best friends. They’re perfect for running, hiking and all kinds of activities – they’re really comfortable.”

Kitti Zaja

“I was worried they wouldn’t fit. I’m pretty tall, but the medium fits perfectly. I also love the pocket variations.”

But what really stood out for Kitti was the ‘tight-specific adaptions’ on the knees and rear. “The material on the back and knees is pretty special. It’s what made the tights so comfortable too.”

Text: Sarah Benton


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