Airpixels does Fjällräven Classic Sweden

The journey begins in a birch forest in Nikkaluokta (Northern Sweden). 2000 adventurers are ready to hit the King's Trail and walk the 110km from Nikkaluokta to Abisko National Park. It’s an epic journey in a vast, rugged wilderness way above the Arctic Circle also known as the Fjällräven Classic. Alongside trekkers from all around the globe, I set out on a journey I will always remember. Despite the different levels of experience in the outdoors, we all share the same love for nature.

The walk is very long and, at times, the conditions are really hard. Along the way you will meet people who become your friends. Friends that will help you when it's tough and laugh with you when it's easy. It's a connection that's hard to describe.

Surrounded by nature's giants and Sweden's highest peaks, you will walk in a rubbish-free environment with permission to camp anywhere you see fit due to the right of public access we have here in Sweden. Water is free and provided by nature for you to drink whenever you are in need. But don't waste it.

As always when I'm in the outdoors, I learn a lot of new things about myself and my love for nature always grows stronger. The Fjällräven Classic is definitely something I will do again and hopefully something you will join me in doing for 2018.

Images & text: Tobias Hägg @airpixels


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