Freedom to roam the Fjällräven way

If it seems like we’re hooked on roaming freely in nature at Fjällräven, it’s because we are. It’s all thanks to “allemansrätten”. Also known as Sweden’s “right of public access”, it’s at the root of why we were founded and continues to influence everything we do today. Why? We’ve always had the privilege to enjoy nature to the fullest. It’s only natural that we want everyone else to as well.

At Fjällräven we believe that nature should be a natural part of everyone’s life, and have explored as much of it as we can for over 60 years. From dewy spring meadows and sun-dappled forests to roiling rivers and majestic mountain peaks. It’s been a long, wondrous trek so far, and one that’s been largely uninhibited. It’s all thanks to allemansrätten. 

A local law with universal appeal 

Also known as “the right of public access” allemansrätten has its roots in centuries’ old travelling customs and has been the law in Sweden since 1940. In essence it allows people unrestricted access to nature across the country. Walking in the forest, picking wild berries, cross-country skiing over snowy fields, trekking the wilderness or pitching your tent by a babbling brook are all totally natural – and totally permitted – anywhere in Sweden

There are strings attached. Allemansrätten has a “do not disturb or destroy” principle. You don’t break branches off trees or use motorised vehicles without permission. You show respect to landowners’ properties and must always leave nature in better shape than you found it.  

Otherwise, we Swedes move about in the outdoors more-or-less as we wish, fundamentally shaping how the entire country connects with nature.  

What allemansrätten means for us (and you) 

If you’re thinking, “I bet allemansrätten has an influence on Fjällräven too,” you’d be right. In fact, allemansrätten is the very foundation of our brand! Åke Nordin was at the fore of Sweden’s outdoor movement in the 1960s, creating gear that enabled people to make the most of their time in nature. From their first step outdoors to extended treks. 

But we know how special allemansrätten is. Having the freedom and ability to enjoy nature as you like is not a given everywhere and for everyone. It’s a privilege we value highly. Always in mind, we’ll continue providing you with what you need to feel at home in nature – wherever you are and however you can. Because when you are comfortable in nature, you learn to love nature. And when you love nature, you respect nature. Put that way, allemansrätten feels more important than ever. 

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