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The Expedition   

When is Fjällräven Polar 2023?    

Fjällräven Polar 2023 is March 31 to April 5, 2023.   

What is Fjällräven Polar?  

Fjällräven Polar is a 300km dog sledding expedition across barren tundra, frozen lakes and dense mountain forest in northern Scandinavia that proves with the right equipment and education, anyone can be an arctic explorer.  

Where does Fjällräven Polar take place?  

The expedition starts Jukkasjärvi area of Swedish Lapland, around 17km east of Kiruna. Participants will travel north through Sevujärvi, Kattuvuoma, Råstojaure and Pälstsa – one of Europe’s largest areas of permafrost – before finishing at the edge of the Norwegian fjords in Signaldalen. 

Will Fjällräven pay for my travel costs to and from Fjällräven Polar?   

Yes, Fjällräven will pay for all travel costs to and from Polar as well as all expenses during the expedition.   

What happens if I get injured or sick during the expedition? 

The most important factor is to pay attention to your physical needs alongside the external conditions and adjust your behaviour to mitigate risk. For unforeseen incidents, we have a doctor and staff trained in first aid with us on the expedition. We also have reliable lines of communication should we need external help in extreme cases such as calling for a helicopter, for example. 

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid to join the expedition?  

We will comply to the regulations for vaccinations at the time of the expedition. Currently there’s no need for a Covid vaccination to join the expedition. 

How fit should I be? Should I train to prepare for the expedition? 

There is no specific training planned for participants in the lead-up to the expedition. However, you should have a reasonable level of fitness. You’ll need to get through long days of physical activity and nights with potentially little sleep. This will be combined with cold temperatures and no chance of heading indoors for approximately six days.  

This arctic expedition involves mental, as well as physical challenges. Having an open and flexible mindset will be just as important as physical ability – perhaps even more so! You also need to pay attention to hydration and energy intake and follow the advice by mushers and instructors. 

Is English a requirement?  

Yes, you’ll need to be able to speak English to join the expedition. Participants will be joining the team from all over the world, so English will be the shared language. 

Will I drive my own sled?  

Yes, we will provide you with all the training you need to safely drive your own sled and manage a pack of sled dogs.  

What are the sleeping arrangements during the expedition?  

The team will set up camp together at the end of every day and you will share a tent with another participant. You’ll be loaned a tent, sleeping bag and any other kit you’ll need – and if you don’t know how to set up a tent in the snow, don’t worry. We’ll teach you how to assemble a winter camp before you set off. 

Do I need to bring any equipment with me?    

Fjällräven will provide you with all necessary clothes and equipment for this adventure of a lifetime and you’ll be able to keep all your clothing after the expedition. You’ll just need to bring any personal medication, toiletries and the clothes you travel in.   

Application Process  

What are the key dates during the application process?    

October 24, 2022: The Global Launch Event takes place, and the application period is officially open.  The event will be live streamed at 4pm CET. Register for the Global Launch event here:  

The Global Launch Event is not mandatory, but it will give applicants information on what to expect at Fjällräven Polar and how to apply.   

October 24, 2022: The first challenge is released on Instagram. Be sure to follow @fjallravenofficial to see the challenge and stay up to date on the application process.   

October 31, 2022: The second challenge is released on @fjallravenofficial  

November 7, 2022: The third challenge is released on @fjallravenofficial  

November 13, 2022: Applications close at 23.59 CET  

December 2, 2022: The winners are announced. Announcement event is livestreamed at 4pm CET. Register here

The Winners Announcement Event is not mandatory, but highly encouraged if you want to find out firsthand if you secured one of the 20 coveted spots on Fjällräven Polar 2023.  

Why do I need to use Instagram to apply?  

You must respond to the challenges by uploading content to your own, public, Instagram account. We previously used Facebook for the application, but Instagram makes it easier to post of a variety of creative content to respond to all three challenges. If you do not have your own Instagram account, it is easy to set one up. Find step-by-step instructions here. And don’t forget to set your profile to “public”!

Will you share the content I post on Instagram?    

All creative content posted by those who have filled out the application form with their Instagram handle and who tag their content with the hashtag #FjallravenPolar2023 will be shared in our content flow on the Fjällräven Experience Hub. This allows Fjällräven to highlight and share your creative efforts.  

Do I need experience to apply for Fjällräven Polar?  

No, you do not need experience. You need to be in good enough physical condition to complete a multiday expedition in cold, arctic climate with extreme weather conditions, like -30°C temperature, wind and snow. You don’t need any specific outdoor experience to apply.  

What is the jury looking for when it comes to content?    

The jury would love to see you be as authentic as possible. Creativity comes in many shapes and forms, so feel free to express yourself as long as you respond to all three challenges. You can find more information about the challenges on the How to Apply page.  

Can I withdraw my application if I decide I don’t want to go?   

Yes, you can withdraw your Polar application by deleting any of your posts on Instagram. Your application is not considered complete unless you post responses to all three challenges on Instagram.   

How will participants or the winners be selected?   

After the application ends on November 13, the jury will select the final 20 winners for Fjällräven Polar 2023. The jury consists of a diverse group made up of Fjällräven Polar alumni, ambassadors, and employees who will be able to review each application from multiple perspectives. The jury will look at the following criteria:    

a) Active participation in responding to all three challenges    

b) Number of shared content pieces and engagement   

c) Applicant creativity and the ability to get their message across in a way that feels genuine, authentic and inspiring.  

How will I know that I have won?    

If you are one of the 20 selected arctic explorers on Fjällräven Polar 2023 you will find out during our livestreamed Winner’s Announcement Event on the 2nd of December at 4:00 PM CET. If you can’t make it to the Winners Announcement Event, no worries. We will contact you via phone or email to confirm your spot.   

What happens when I´m chosen for Fjällräven Polar?    

First of all: Congratulations! You’re officially an arctic explorer.   

Of course, this is all very exciting, but be assured, we will take care of everything. You will be contacted by our Expedition team, where with your submitted details we will arrange all necessary travels and get all the clothes and equipment you will need to participate.   

What is the minimum and maximum age limit?  

The minimum age limit to apply is 18. There is no upper age limit! 

Can I apply if I have a disability?  

We encourage anyone to apply for Fjällräven Polar. However, you will need to be able to manage the expedition in a self-sustainable way, as there will be no external support available.    

Who makes up the jury?  

The jury consists of Fjällräven Polar alumni, Fjällräven ambassadors and employees. 

What is the jury’s objective when it comes to diversity? 

The jury will be looking for a diverse team of different ages and backgrounds. There will be an equal gender split and there will be a variation in personalities, skills and experience. 

Can you apply as a group or as a couple?  

No. You must apply as an individual. 

How many people will be chosen?  

There will be 20 people chosen to join Fjällräven Polar 2023.  

What happens if I win a place on the team but can’t go due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?  

If you win a place but can’t participate, the spot will go to another applicant. The final decision will be at the discretion of Fjällräven. 

Does it matter that I don’t have many followers on Instagram? 

No, it doesn’t! Your application will be reviewed by the jury, no matter how many followers you have. Your creativity and your ability to get your message across in a way that feels genuine, authentic and inspiring are crucial for the jury. 

Join the adventure of a lifetime. 

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