High five for an innovative integration method

Health boosting activities free of charge and open to everyone? Sounds pretty good if you ask us.

The third and final winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative grant in 2019 is the Swedish non-profit organisation Hej främling! Fjällräven has committed €20.000 in funding to this organisation.

Hej främling! is a Swedish non-governmental organisation offering health boosting activities free of charge and open for everyone. The organisation was founded in 2013 and has developed an integration method that thousands of refugees and local citizens have taken part in throughout the years. People in the outskirts of society are often materially supported by the government or municipality. But in order to grow as an individual and become self-sufficient you also need a meaningful life. This is often forgotten in the wheel of bureaucracy. The money received from the Arctic Fox Initiative will be put to use in providing activities such as running classes, mountain trips, skiing lessons, hiking, football, yoga, etc. for people in need in eight different counties across Sweden.

This essential support will continue to make it possible for Hej främling! to provide 180 health boosting activities to more than 3.000 participants. “Every activity makes a real difference in the lives of each and every participant – which is truly fantastic!” says Emma Arnesson, Director of Hej främling! To read more about Hej främling! and the work this incredible organization visit

Hej främling! receives Arctic Fox Initiative grant.In early 2020 applications will be open again on the Fjällräven Arctic Fox Initiative website. There are many bright ideas out there, and exciting projects that have the potential to make a difference to the environment. They need our commitment and collective effort to be realized.

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