Nature’s gold

We love seasons. Yes, that does mean rain and wind, sometimes it’s too hot, other times too cold. But when the weather is good, an autumn day is just as invigorating as a spring one, a winter’s morning as welcoming as one mid-summer. Nature has many faces and we appreciate them all. One of the most striking natural changes is from summer to autumn – striking because suddenly the countryside burns bright with colour. Greens are replaced by yellows, golds and reds. A golden carpet covers the ground and trees and shrubs seem to rust in the brisk air, as their leaves crumple to copper and bronze.

These changes happen around the world, but the list below – though by no means exhaustive – covers some of our favourite places to marvel at nature’s autumnal beauty.

Kyoto, Japan

Just as glorious as spring’s cherry blossoms, Kyoto’s ‘koyo’ decks the city in a wash of colour. We particularly love the contrasts between the traditional buildings, old temples and imperial landmarks and the delicate ombré leaves of Japanese maples.

Image: Jen Clarke
Image: Jen Clarke

Lake Bled, Slovenia

What a combination! Morning mist sweeping over a deep blue lake, ringed by deciduous trees in all the shades of the red colour spectrum, framed by snow-capped mountains and with the graceful, Church of Assumption, adding interest to the foreground as it ascends from Bled Island. Oh, and there aren’t any crowds there during autumn.

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Sarek National Park, Sweden

A favourite of our founder, Sarek National Park is a true wilderness that overflows with colour early on in autumn, often from late August or early September. There aren’t many trees, it’s the shrubs that sweep across the landscape in a rose-tinted rainbow of shades.

Image: Andreas Bäck
Image: Andreas Bäck

Tuscany, Italy

Unlike Sarek, autumn comes rather late to Tuscany in central Italy. However, like Sarek, it’s not the trees that grab you attention; it’s the vine leaves. The rolling hills, historic villages and rugged coastline offer postcard-perfect pictures too. Plus a visit during autumn is pleasantly cool.

Image @airpixels

Mount Tremblant National Park, Canada

There’s a good reason the Canadian’s put the maple leaf on their flag. Every autumn it is maple trees that stand out in pillar-box red glory. With such large expanses of forest in Mount Tremblant National Park it’s one of Canada’s best places (of which there are many) to see the vivid transformation of nature during the fall.

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