The life of a musher

Fjällräven Polar wouldn’t be the expedition it is today without the experience of the mushers and their trusted pack of dogs. Here, musher Aron Andersson introduces you to his number one team.

Imagine endless wilderness and frozen lakes as far as the eye can see. You’re moving at speed, and you feel the biting wind on your face as you’re pulled through arctic landscapes by six skilled Alaskan sled dogs – the only noise around you comes from the light pattering of their feet on the snow.  

Evidence suggests that dogsledding may have existed up to 6000 years ago, predominantly in Siberia and among the Inuit people of northern Canada. When Europeans realised how useful it was as a form of transport, dogsledding quickly spread. Along with its development in recreational outdoor activities, the practice of dogsledding has since evolved into a professional industry that offers an exciting way to access nature.

The musher life is a fantastic life. It’s tough from time to time, but working with these guys [the dogs] gives so much in return so it’s all worth it

Today, mushers like Aron Andersson, who guide participants on Fjällräven Polar, are dedicated to their pack of dogs, looking after them 24/7, 365 days a year. From his lead dogs to his goofiest companion, watch Aron introduce you to his pack. 

Now you have the chance to meet and manage your very own pack of dogs in the arctic. Apply to win a place on Fjällräven Polar 2024, where you’ll spend six days driving sled dogs across the winter wilderness of northern Scandinavia. The best part? Anyone can apply and no experience is necessary!

Join the adventure of a lifetime


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