Three places to try allemansrätten in Sweden

We've shared the meaning of allemansrätten with you already (if you missed that post you can read it here). But what we haven't done, is share our favourite places to test it out. So, we asked three Fjällräven team members to share their favourite places for spending time in the great outdoors and making the most of our Swedish right to roam where we please.

Swedish Lapland and Kungsleden (The King's Trail)

  • Why? Pure, expansive freedom. You're miles from anything and everything. The nature is pristine and the rolling mountains majestic.
  • Best for? Camping without a neighbour in sight.
  • When? Late summer/early autumn or - for the more adventurous - during April with some touring skis.
  • How to get there? Fly (or take the train) to Kiruna and then take the train to Abisko and walk in from there. Or do it in reverse and get the bus to Nikkaluokta and walk in from there instead.
  • Our tip - Amanda our Product Information Manager and Web Editor loves the fact you can take a dip in the streams and lakes along Kungsleden.

And the best part is the sauna at Alesjaure. Combine this with a dip in the lake and you can actually feel clean again after a few days trekking without a shower.

Skuleskogen National Park, Höga Kusten (The High Coast) 

  • Why? Almost 70% of Sweden is forest. They are healthy, peaceful and calming places to pitch a tent or stay in a cabin and forget about the outside world.
  • Best for? Foraging for berries and mushrooms, waking up to bird song and finding hidden cottages.
  • When? Spring and autumn are magical times in Sweden's deep, dark forests. But for the best berry- and mushroom-picking possibilities, go in early September.
  • How to get there? Take the train to Örnsköldsvik and then hop on a bus to the park's entrance.
  • Our tip: Elin, one of our Graphic Designers, loves heading into the forest with her family to pick cloudberries - aka 'the forest's gold'.

Everyone gets to pick what we're going to eat. It's great fun for the kids. And so simple. It's nice to not be checking my mobile phone all the time.

Stockholm's Archipelago 

  • Why? Time seems to stand still and life is simpler. And one or two nights here is all it takes to fully relax and switch off.
  • Best for? Island hoping via kayak, barbeques and endless summer sunsets.
  • When? Summer, although avoid July as this is peak holiday season in Sweden.
  • How to get there? Fly to Stockholm and then take a boat out to one of the many islands.
  • Our tip: Sarah our Social Media Manager and Digital Writer loves the fact that you can feel a million miles away from the Swedish capital in just a short boat ride.

Go in the summer time, when the evenings seem to last forever and you can spend ages sitting out looking at the view with cold drinks and grilled fish, freshly-caught that day.


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