Top 6 activities to do during your stay in Hong Kong

Get back to nature with our Fjällräven Hong Kong team’s top 6 activities to do during your stay in Hong Kong.

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Most people think of Hong Kong as a sprawling metropolis but in reality there is almost no city in the world as integrated with nature. With only a short ferry journey off of Central island, you can find yourself spoilt for choice in terms of hiking trails, mountain peaks and stunning beaches. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to get the same tropical experience of the Fjällräven Classic event that you have come to know and love. Hong Kong is a city of contrast, and the sprawling wilderness hidden behind the concrete jungle will surely delight.

Get back to nature, and explore the Islands, with our Fjällräven Hong Kong team’s top 6 activities to do during your stay in Hong Kong.

Take the cable car to the Big Buddha

Visiting the Big Buddha is an experience in itself, but getting there is half the fun. Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car from Tung Chung for a bird’s eye view. Top tip: Book cable car tickets in advance to miss the queues. If you are lucky, or book in advance, you can get in the glass bottomed cable cars that will give you a breathtaking view as you climb up the mountains, towards the Big Buddha, snaking over the coastline. After climbing the 268 steps to the foot of the towering monument take a few minutes to walk the Wisdom Trail. This is an accessible walk through the jungle dotted with plaques adorned with Chinese Proverbs and aimed to clear your mind.

Climb Monkey Mountain

If you dream of walking through a jungle surrounded by monkeys, then a must do on your list is a hike through Monkey Mountain. On these hills the monkey population is tame enough to walk, swing, or climb along in the wilderness next to you.  We’d recommend starting at the Pineapple Dam at Shing Mun reservoir, from there you will pass by defense trenches and watch towers built by the British in the 1930s to defend the Island, follow the trail until you enter Kam Shan Country Park. At this point you will get your first sighting of the monkeys, who will surely follow you downwards as you head forward on the attractive route to the Kowloon Reservoir. Top tip: on these mountain trails, do not take any food or plastic wrappers out of your Fjällräven backpack, or the monkeys will have it in seconds.

Visit the peak, with a twist

Please don’t groan as we recommend you to visit Victoria Peak. The most touristy spot on the Island with incredible views across the city – but our insider’s tell us to put a twist on the experience and, after taking the funicular to the top, hike your way over to Pokfulam Riding School and complete the first stage of the Hong Kong Trail. This hike is a 7km downhill hike with amazing photo opportunities showing Hong Kong in the very best light. The path crosses several incredible waterfalls, and signage displays wildlife and fauna surrounding you.

Catch sunset on top of the world

When visiting a city famed for it’s skyscrapers it is a must to view the city from the top of the tallest building. ICC towers over Hong Kong and has a handy viewing platform for tourists located on the 100thfloor. To avoid the crowds and have more of a local experience, instead of visiting the Observation Deck designed for tourists, head upwards to floor 118. Arrive at OZONE at 17:00 to get a front row seat to the most incredible view of the sunset across the city. In case you are lucky enough to be caught in a thunder storm, head immediately up to ICC to watch the lightning strike the towers, and mountains, surrounding you. It’s an insight into the true might of nature, that is not to be missed.

Spend the day at the beach

When the weather is beautiful, head out of town for a day at the beach. The best option is Lower Cheung Sha beach which will have you hardly believing you are still in Hong Kong. Sparkling water, palm trees and a sandy beach that stretches as far as the eye can see shows the city for the tropical paradise it is. Rent a kayak or paddleboard from one of the Water Centers lining the beach front and spend the day exploring the coast line. In the evening, watch the sky turn pink as the sun dips below the water edge and enjoy dinner at one of the beachside cafes with your toes in the sand.

Eat seafood on Lamma Island

Treat yourself to the freshest seafood in the city and head over to Lamma Island for a traditional lunch. Take the ferry from Central to Yung Shue Wan and follow the well signposted Family Trail over to Sok Kwu Wan Village. The route is easygoing but boasts some of the best views across the coast of Lantau Island. You will pass bustling fishing villages, sandy beaches and see the historically significant Kamikaze Cave, where Japanese forces launched missions during the Second World War. At the end of the trail you will find yourself spoilt for choice from the large seafood restaurants, all with outdoor seating, where you can try the best catch of the day. It’s a truly local experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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