Trousers purpose-built for tough jobs

With 24 sled dogs in her care, sled dog company owner Jenny Wikström depends on high-performance clothing. This is her trouser story.

At Fjällräven, we often talk about how versatility is a quality one should look for in outdoor garments. No point in investing in something you can only wear in specific circumstances. But sometimes, you need a pair of trousers that seem almost purpose-built for a specific job. 

My new pair of Polar Bib Trousers have just arrived in the mail. I will try to avoid riding over dry roads with these ones.

Jenny Wikström
Vemdalen in Jämtland, Sweden

To explore what this means, we connected with Jenny Wikström. She runs a sled dog company with her partner in the mountains of Vemdalen in Jämtland, Sweden. With high-performance and high-energy dogs in her care, you can be sure any clothes she wears are incredibly hardwearing, highly functional and full of practical details.  

In the winter, doubly so. During the season she depends on her Polar Bib Trousers and wears them daily. They take a lot of beatings, and recently prevented injury in a sled accident:

“They are incredibly durable trousers, which is a must when you have 24 dogs as colleagues. The damage to my current pair of trousers came from when I overturned with the sled in a bend, just before a road-crossing that did not have any snow. It resulted in a few tears on the knees, but luckily the knee pads prevented any major injuries”.

Made from G-1000 and G-1000 Heavy Duty fabrics, as well as Supreme Microloft filling, Jenny’s Polar Bib trousers are designed specifically for cold climates. They are also perfect for storing the necessities of her job. Like dog socks. The right pocket is for small socks and the left one for medium.

In fact, they are so perfect for the job, she just ordered another pair!

“My new pair of Polar Bib Trousers have just arrived in the mail. I will try to avoid riding over dry roads with these ones.”

What’s your trouser story?

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