Trousers for life

For over 35 years and thousands of kilometres, Hans Jürgen has turned to his favourite durable and dependable Fjällräven trousers.

“I never thought my ‘entry-level’ trousers would last this long.”

Hans Jürgen Pust, Fjällräven customer

Is there a garment that can tell as many stories as a pair of hiking trousers? Possibly, but in the case of Hans Jürgen Pust, there is not. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, he and his Fjällräven Greenland Trousers have been making memories for over 35 years. They’ve been to the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes, and beyond. The adventure is far from over.

As a child, Hans Jürgen dreamt of travelling around the world to see the earth’s largest and most spectacular mountains. For his first trip to Nepal in 1985, he purchased a pair of Fjällräven Greenland Trousers from and outdoor dealer in Berlin. He could never have guessed he’d still be travelling to distant countries in the same pair of trousers as a 67-year old.

Climb every mountain

The trip to Nepal, which included a hike to the Everest Basecamp, kick-started Hans Jürgen’s love affair with the country, as well as its people and natural beauty. It also confirmed his passion for mountain trekking. “I love being active and going on long mountain tours. Lying around on a beach vacation just isn’t for me.”

The rest is history.

In 1991, Hans Jürgen travelled to North America to tackle the 53km Chikoot Trail from Alaska to British Columbia. Just a man, a tent and his Greenland trousers, Hans Jürgen met bears and revelled in the simple pleasures that life in the wilderness provides. The Chikoot trail was followed by a five-week group expedition by foot, kayak and raft.

Hans Jürgen tours Tibet in his Greenland Trousers

Hans Jürgen tours Tibet in his Greenland Trousers

“Walking in the footsteps of the gold diggers was – and still is – a childhood dream. The highlight for me was a sightseeing flight in Denali National Park, during which we flew around Mount McKinley.”

After a few years of some smaller trips, Alpine tours, family vacations and two hip operations, Hans Jürgen returned to the Himalayas. Over 20 years after his first trip to Nepal, he took on the legendary Annapurna Circuit, including the Thorong La Pass. At 5,146m, it is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. “I had to see if I could trek for a long period with two new hip joints. I was lucky. They joined in!”

In fact, his new hips joined him on a total of six trips to Nepal between 2014 and 2017. In addition to the Annapurna Circuit, he hiked lesser-known valleys in the area. He also tacked the Manaslu Circuit and the Mustang region.

One pair of trousers and 35 years of adventure

This is what we always strive for at Fjällräven; creating dependable, timeless and durable clothing and equipment that last for a lifetime of outdoor memories. And our trousers are no exception. In 2016, Hans Jürgen packed his Greenland trousers for a trip to Tibet. In them he would circle the sacred Kailash-Kora mountain. A challenging pilgrimage, the route is at a height of almost 5,000m, and concluded with the sacred Saga Dawa festival. Commemorating the life and enlightenment of Buddha, it is celebrated throughout the country and attracts thousands of people. “It was a very peaceful and moving festival. The highlight was when the new prayer flagpole was erected. What a truly unique experience.”

Dawa Festival
Dawa Festival

A lifetime choice

Choosing the right outdoor trousers can be the first important step of any new adventure. Or, as it turned out for Hans Jürgen, a lifetime of them. And that’s been our guiding principle since the introduction of the first Fjällräven trousers in 1970. Whatever the activity, climate, or body shape, Fjällräven wearers will notice that we have taken every aspect into consideration and that we are committed to developing the best possible trousers for the best possible outdoor experience.

Consider materials. Many Fjällräven trousers today are made from the same fabric as Hans Jürgen’s Greenland Trousers: G-1000. Tried and true, the fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Tightly woven, it is robust and windproof, but also breathable. In fact, it was the G 1000 fabric that convinced Hans Jürgen to buy the Greenland Trousers in 1970. And is why he continues to wear them today. “Light and quick drying, the material is super high-quality.”

Fifty years after the debut of the Greenland Trousers, few materials have been able to match the outstanding functionality of G-1000, which is why we continue to offer a wide variety of trousers in G-1000 to this day. It’s also why we develop new versions of the material – each with its own unique properties and purpose. Today, G-1000 is made more sustainably with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Called G-1000 Eco, it shares the same functional properties as the original and is used diligently both in our classic Fjällräven garments and our technical trekking products, often in combination with other materials to optimise the functionality and comfort.

In the Keb Trousers for example, the G 1000 Eco fabric is combined with stretch material for increased freedom of movement. And together with an improved fit, durability, performance and repairability, the Keb Trousers are better than ever.

Brand new for summer 2020 is the G-1000 Air Stretch. A supple and stretchy material made from organic cotton and partially recycled polyester. As the name suggests, the G 1000 Air Stretch is lightweight, breathable and quick drying. It makes products like our new Abisko Midsummer Trousers particularly well-suited to trekking in warm regions. Not unlike its sister trouser, the technical and highly functional Abisko Trekking Tights. Launched in 2017, they combine the durability of trekking trousers with the free movement of leggings.

And, if you are looking for a lightweight and quick-drying pair of stretchy trousers for everyday wear, Fjällräven’s new High Coast Lite Trousers are for you. Well thought-out details like tapered legs and reflective drawcords make them perfect for daytime and night-time travel on foot, or by bike.

Always with you

Whatever journeys you have ahead, rest assured that there’s a perfect pair of Fjällräven trousers for them. Perhaps just like Hans Jürgen’s.

And, like Hans Jürgen, perhaps yours will also join you on 35-years’ worth of outdoor experiences. With an unquenchable thirst for adventure, he certainly hasn’t slowed down. His most recent trip with his Greenlands was to Patagonia in January 2020. There, he fulfilled yet more dreams: to hike the Torres del Paine National Park, trek the Fitz Roy Massif and see the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Hans Jürgen and his Greenland Trousers

"I would like to go on travelling. I still have a few dream goals in mind. Like Bhutan. Hmmm, yes. And Kamchatka still tempts me. Let's see if it works."

Far from being worn out, the connection between Hans Jürgen and his Greenland Trousers is clear. As long as he wants to travel, they’ll be there.

If you too have an old time Fjällräven favourite that is full of outdoor memories and future plans, don’t hesitate to write to us. #FjallravenStories


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