Leaving basecamp in better condition than we found it.


Introducing the Swedish textile initiative for climate action

We’re part of a new group aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the Swedish textile industry.

Sustainability | 4 minutes read

Together for nature

Help us to help nature through the Arctic Fox Initiative.

Sustainability | 5 minutes read

Making the future

Waterproof, sustainable & extra durable. Meet our newest material: Bergshell.

Sustainability | 10 minutes read

Making traceable wool a reality

Knowing where our wool is from is the only way to know how the sheep are treated.

Sustainability | 6 minutes read

Four alternative Christmas ideas 

Traditions, likes rules, are there to be broken – and re-made.

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

Shades of grey

When it comes to textile recycling there is no black and white.

Sustainability | 6 minutes read

Swedish sheep – what’s next?

Originally just a test, the Brattlands project has taught us a whole lot about wool.

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

How we work with chemicals

There's no escaping them. Chemicals are everywhere. Find out what we do to minimise risk and harm.

Sustainability | 4 minutes read

Our switch to G-1000 Eco

It's a long journey, but this is another step towards more sustainability.

Products | 4 minutes read

What sustainability means to us

The complexity of balancing the now with the future.

Sustainability | 4 minutes read

Greenland re-visited

Climate change is the “biggest question of our generation”. And Greenland is feeling its effects acutely.

Nature | 11 minutes read

Ethics come first

Let our head of sustainability explain our view on animal-derived materials.

Adventures | 5 minutes read

First winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative: The beach clean network Ltd.

The Arctic Fox Initiative has chosen its very first three winning participants for 2019. In a public voting that took...

Sustainability | 3 minutes read

Waste not, want not

Our new Re-Wool collection is made from recycled wool. Read on to find out more.

Products | 4 minutes read

Swedish sheep – The pilot project is complete

But what next? Find out what we’ve learned and how we’re planning to move forward.

Sustainability | 6 minutes read


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