Explore the winter with kids

Know any miniature outdoor enthusiasts? Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of winter!

When the first signs of winter come, it's easy to start spending more time indoors. The cold, darkness and snowy storms have a way of steering us away from the open air and towards the warmth of the couch and the assuring glow from our TV's. Families with young children especially know this to be true — it's easy to opt for a weekend spent indoors when the weather outside consists of snowy rain and cold gusts of icy winds. The mere thought of dressing a toddler in never-ending layers and coming up with nature-idling activities when the temperature is below zero can make any trekking-loving parent question their outdoor interest. But fret not! We have gathered a few fun winter activities for the whole family, that will make the temptation of any smartphone app or TV-show fade away in no time.

Go sleighing

If you're a family that loves speed and adrenaline, sleighing is the way to do winter! The first thing to do before you take your sleighs out is to make sure that the snow is nicely packed and thick, should you come off the sleigh, it's nicer to land on a heavy bed of snow than on an icy grass patch. The second thing is to find a hill that suits everyone in the family — the smaller the kids, the smaller the hill should be a good rule of thumb. Remember to use helmets and watch out for any trees or rocks in the way before you embark on a downhill ride.

Kid running through knee deep snow

Build with snow

Even though he's a classic winter heirloom, the standard snowman could do with some updates. Why not bring the whole family out into a snowy field and create something together? Constructing an igloo, building a small snow fort or making rows and rows of snow angels is not only a fun way to make the whole family move together but it’s also a great way to generate teamwork amongst the children. 

Have a winter picnic

Picnics are not only a spring and summer activity — with the right gear (and the right snacks and beverage) a picnic in the snow can become one of the cosiest highlights of the frosty season. Start by packing thermoses of hot cocoa, warm vegetable soups and the kids' favourite cinnamon and apple muffins for a festive family meal. Find a calm and windless spot where you can put down a water-resistant outdoor blanket for when it's time to eat. While you're setting up the food, activate your children by letting them build a small snow lantern (a classic Swedish tradition). When the food is ready to be served, light a candle in the snow lantern and enjoy some tranquil family time. 

Remember to enjoy the wintertime on your own family's terms — maybe you're all about skiing, snowboarding or ice skating as soon as the snow arrives. Or maybe you're more into hot cocoa, warming fires and slow winter walks — whatever your taste in interest, there's always a way to enjoy nature, in any season. 

Have a great winter!

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