With over 50 years of outdoor experience, nature has taught us a lot and this is where we get to share some of that with you.

Guides | 2 Minutes read

Fjällräven local’s Hong Kong guide

Combine your Hong Kong Classic experience with a few days exploring this captivating city.

Guide articles

Guides | 6 Minutes read

How to pack and adjust your backpack like a pro

How to pack and adjust your backpack like a pro.

Guides | 3 Minutes read

How to take care of your Kånken

Little has changed since we launched Kånken in 1978. Here are some tips to help prolong the life of your...

Guides | 8 Minutes read

Pick and pitch the perfect tent: Carl shares his tips

With some know-how and a few helpful tips, choosing the right tent and setting it up is fairly straightforward. Here’s...

Adventures | 3 Minutes read

Three long distance treks every trekker should do

These boots were made for walking… and walking… and walking.

Guides | 7 Minutes read

What to pack for a three day trek?

Carl Hård af Segerstad, our Global Event Manager, tells us what to pack for a typical three day trek into...

Adventures | 4 Minutes read

Choosing a backpack for warm weather trekking

Ted Weirum, YouTuber and outdoor inspiration, reviews his favourite backpacks for warm weather trekking.

Guides | 4 Minutes read

The right tent makes all the difference

Nothing beats waking up after a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. But does it matter which tent you choose?...

Adventures | 6 Minutes read

How to pack for a warm weather trek by Ted Weirum

Are you asking yourself how to pack for a warm weather trek? YouTuber, Ted Weirum, has the answer.

Adventures | 6 Minutes read

Ted Weirum tips for warm weather trekking

Ten tips for warm weather trekking by Ted Weirum

Guides | 5 Minutes read

Repair your tent out in the field

Even the best tents can be subject to bad luck and need some quick repair. Here are some tips on...

Adventures | 4 Minutes read

Choosing your tent

Tunnel tent or dome tent? Abisko, Keb or Polar?

Guides | 5 Minutes read

How to find the perfect trekking trousers

Why are there so many models? The answer is as simple as it is obvious: We’re all different.

Guides | 7 Minutes read

Cold climate trekking tips

Staying warm is just the beginning. Don’t let winter catch you out cold.

Guides | 3 Minutes read

Your best hiking tips

Here are 15 trekking tips for you to put into practice – recommended by you.

Guides | 4 Minutes read

10 Tips for hiking with kids

Trekking guide, Johanna Ankarloo Tarestad, shares her personal tips for making trekking fun for everyone.


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