Durable, functional and timeless clothes and equipment, created to last for generations.

Products | 5 Minutes read

The life cycle of a product

We need to work together to reduce our products' environmental footprints.

Product articles

Our history | 5 Minutes read

Legendary Greenland Jacket

Do you know the unlikely story of how the legendary Expedition Down Jacket came to be? Now's your chance. 

Our history | 4 Minutes read

1974 – Åke decides to never feel cold again

Do you know the unlikely story of how the legendary Expedition Down Jacket came to be? Now's your chance.

Products | 4 Minutes read

For the mountains by mountaineers

Who did we turn to for help designing Bergtagen 38? The Swedish Mountain Guide Association, of course.

Products | 3 Minutes read

Art imitates life

Kånken is art. Meet the artists behind the patterns.

Products | 3 Minutes read

Meet Keb hike

The newest edition to the award-winning Keb range.

Products | 5 Minutes read

The freedom to move

Designer Elisabet-Elfa takes us through our new Keb Touring and Keb Lite products.

Products | 9 Minutes read

The journey towards perfecting our trousers

It’s not a journey we planning on ending any time soon. Find out how we develop our trousers.

Products | 6 Minutes read

How to choose a sleeping bag

Wave goodbye to "too hot" or "too cold". With this sleeping bag guide, next time you'll feel "just right".

Products | 6 Minutes read

How to choose a tent

Because, after all, you want to feel at home in nature.

Products | 7 Minutes read

How to choose a backpack

Your most important piece of outdoor gear. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Products | 4 Minutes read

Our switch to G-1000 Eco

It's a long journey, but this is another step towards more sustainability.

Products | 1 Minute read

The G-1000 timeline

It's like a G-1000 family tree. Learn more about our most used material.

Products | 4 Minutes read

Waterproof vs. water repellent vs. water resistant

What's the difference between and why should you even care?

Products | 4 Minutes read

Waste not, want not

Re-Wool collection is made from recycled wool. Read on to find out more.

Products | 3 Minutes read

Down Vs. Synthetic

Need help deciding between down and synthetic insulation? Then read this.


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