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Products | 4 Minutes read

Our switch to G-1000 Eco

It's a long journey, but this is another step towards more sustainability.

Products | 1 Minute read

The G-1000 timeline

It's like a G-1000 family tree. Learn more about our most used material.

Our history | 3 Minutes read

The birth of an icon: Our Greenland story

From expedition to product, this is the story of our Greenland collection.

Products | 3 Minutes read

MT vs. G-1000 Air

Both are quick-drying, breathable and light, so why are we replacing MT with G-1000 Air?

Products | 3 Minutes read

Meet G-1000 Air

A new take on a classic. Our material development team has given G-1000 an airy summer makeover.


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