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Products | 4 minutes read

For the mountains by mountaineers

Who did we turn to for help designing Bergtagen 38? The Swedish Mountain Guide Association, of course.

Adventures | 6 minutes read

Onwards and upwards

There’s barely any snow in Stockholm. The skies are clear. The usual winter of minus temperatures and a covering of...

Adventures | 6 minutes read

Meet Sweden’s first mountain guide

Mountain guide, Stefan Palm, has a life most of us can only dream of. And now he's our Bergtagen ambassador.

People | 3 minutes read

It’s good to have friends in high places

Find out why we’ve partnered up with the Swedish Mountain Guide Association.

People | 8 minutes read

The guides’ guide

SBO president Mikael Amlert is pushing Swedish guiding forward, one step at a time.

Adventures | 6 minutes read

Why become a mountain guide?

Sounds like a dream job for outdoor lovers, but the journey to full qualification isn't easy.

People | 6 minutes read

What’s it really like to be a mountain guide?

Is it really all play and no work? Kind of, says Swedish guide Magnus Strand.


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