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Adventures | 8 Minutes read

5 top tips from Ted Weirum on how to camp in winter

We caught up with Ted, outdoor enthusiast and YouTuber - he shared his top tips for winter camping.

Guides | 7 Minutes read

Cold climate trekking tips

Staying warm is just the beginning. Don’t let winter catch you out cold.

Nature | 3 Minutes read

Aurora borealis – A sky spectacle

Happy new year! What better time to get some deep knowledge of nature's very own fireworks: the nordic lights.

Tips | 3 Minutes read

Explore the winter with kids

Know any miniature outdoor enthusiasts? Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of winter!

Tips | 5 Minutes read

Top 5 tips for tenting in snow

With winter around the corner, here are our top 5 tips for tenting in the snow.

Products | 7 Minutes read

Get the low down on our down

Not all down jackets are created equal. Learn more about the differences and how we work with ethical down.

Adventures | 5 Minutes read

Legendary Greenland Jacket

Timeless, durable and functional. The Greenland Jacket set the standard for how we develop our jackets today. And how we...

Sustainability | 8 Minutes read

Not just any wool

Soft, durable, moisture wicking, odour resistant and warming - what more could we possibly want? Sustainability of course.

Sustainability | 3 Minutes read

First winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative: The Beach Clean Network Ltd

The first grant winner of the Arctic Fox Initiative in 2019 was The Beach Clean Network Ltd.


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