“Time stops when you’re out in nature. You stop looking at your watch. You stop thinking about the bills you have to pay or the washing that needs to be done. None of that matters.”


Beatrice Rigois, our marketing coordinator, watches her children play in the garden of their cottage in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s a place she and her family go to recharge their batteries. To spend time with each other outdoors.

And ‘just being’ in the outdoors is like therapy for Beatrice. Her childhood was divided between the Swiss Alps and Sweden. She was outside, a lot. Whether skiing in the Alps with her father or walking in the forests of Sweden with her mother, early on nature became a part of who she is. It has sculpted her identity.

“Being outside is something I need. If I don’t spend enough time out in nature I miss it. And my family notices it.”

And she hopes to kindle this attitude in her two small sons. Right now everything is interesting to them because it’s new. “Elliot is only three years old but he already loves being outdoors. They see the really small things. We can talk about a little ant for hours, or he’ll get excited and say ‘look mummy, a stone!’. They’ve given me a new perspective on nature. I always looked at the view, the big picture, which had to be grand all the time. But now I see nature in a whole new way.”

But it’s a balancing act. Dragging two small children out when it’s wet and cold is not the best of ideas. Going outside has to be fun. And you can’t force a love of nature on children. It has to come from inside. From finding joy in being outdoors.

“We talk all the time about how we’re going to raise our kids to love nature. It might sound boring, but we’ve come up with some rules. Like no iPads when we’re here at our cottage in the archipelago. But you also have to listen to them of course. If they see us having fun and we can all have fun together in the outdoors, then I think – I hope – it’s going to become a natural part of who they are.”

Coming up with rules and guidelines is something Beatrice is great at. She make sure we all stick to the marketing time line, that everything flows the way it should. But when it comes to nature, she loves the chaos, the unpredictability.

“We can decide and control so much these days. But we can never control nature. That’s what I love most. Nature’s not on our terms and this is humbling. We’re so small and it’s so great. I like that feeling.”

Us too Beatrice… us too!

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