Our Stories From The Trail

Products | 5 Minutes read

The life cycle of a product

We need to work together to reduce our products' environmental footprints.

Products | 4 Minutes read

Care and Repair at Home

The life cycle of a product is partly in your hands, read more about how to properly care and repair...

Development | 8 Minutes read

Above the tree line with Jacopo Bufacchi

Jacopo Bufacchi, member of the Swedish Mountain Guides Association and part of Fjällräven’s test team, didn’t really have a choice;...

Sustainability | 4 Minutes read

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative

An introduction to the Arctic Fox Initiative, the 2019 winners and the latest on applications for 2020.

Heritage | 2 Minutes read

Fjällräven heritage stories

Some stories are better told by others. Here are two about our Greenland Jackets.

Nature | 10 Minutes read

Nature is waiting for you

Physical, mental and social: nature is good for us, all of us. And it’s right there, waiting for us.

Products | 4 Minutes read

The right tent makes all the difference

Nothing beats waking up after a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. But does it matter which tent you choose?...

People | 7 Minutes read

Warm weather trekking

Trekking in really warm weather – is that a good idea? Carl Hård af Segerstad shares his advice.

Development | 3 Minutes read

What you call sweat, he calls water molecules

Fjällräven’s material expert Felix Aejmelaeus-Lindström explains how clothing for hiking in warm climates should work.

Sustainability | 5 Minutes read

Can two minutes really make a difference?

How the #2minutebeachclean started and the impact of Arctic Fox Initiative funding.

Adventures | 8 Minutes read

5 top tips from Ted Weirum on how to camp in winter

We caught up with Ted, outdoor enthusiast and YouTuber - he shared his top tips for winter camping.

Fjällräven Classic | 5 Minutes read

Fjällräven Classic 2020

A round-up of Classics taking place in 2020. All information about when and where to purchase your tickets. It’s that...

Adventures | 5 Minutes read

How Johan Jonsson became ‘Bergtagen’

For Johan Jonsson, it's all about the pure and fragile joy felt when spending time outdoors that made him 'Bergtagen'.

Tips | 5 Minutes read

10 tips for getting your best night’s sleep in a tent

If not for your own sanity, for you camping buddies'. Because everyone prefers a happy camper.

Guides | 7 Minutes read

Cold climate trekking tips

Staying warm is just the beginning. Don’t let winter catch you out cold.


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