Abisko trekking tights testers’ reviews: part 1

The verdict is in. At least from two of our male testers. Find out what they thought.

Back in March we released a Fjällräven first: trekking tights. We truly believe in our new Abisko Trekking Tights. We’ve seen tights move from gyms and running trails to mountain passes and long-distance treks over the past few years, but we were still a little nervous about what you, the Fjällräven customer, would actually think of our versions.

So, we took a leap of faith and asked a group of 10 female testers (who you can read about here) to test our tights. We also asked some of our male product testers to add Abisko Trekking Tights to their outdoor gear arsenals. Now, the first of their feedback is in. And phew! It seems to be positive.

Casper Kjerumgaard has been helping our Danish team product test our gear for a while. And he’s a fan of our classic trekking trousers. But he was a little nervous about trekking in tights. Because, let’s be honest, it’s far more common to see women wearing tights when they work out – whether on trails or in the gym – than men. But that’s why the design for our men’s version is a little different to the women’s. It’s kind of a trouser-tight blend with a fly and belt loops. And it’s a style that seems to have won Casper over.

Casper Kjerumgaard
Casper Kjerumgaard

“I’m surprised at how good the tights are. They are insanely comfortable. I never thought tights could be a possibility for me when trekking or exploring. But they are fantastic. They almost fit like a body painted trekking tight. They are the perfect choice for both gentle hiking and long, steep hard hikes. From now on I’ll never leave home without them on my future hikes.”

Jani Johansén is a product tester from Finland. He, too, has been pleased with the fit and performance of Abisko Trekking Tights.

Jani Johansén
Jani Johansén

“I’ve been a happy Abisko Trekking Tights owner for just over a month now. Still they have already become one of the products I slip into my bag every time I pack for an outdoor trip. I like the size of the pockets – they’re big enough to fit my phone and I haven’t found any other tights that have big enough pockets for my phone before. So far I’ve used the tights on my fatbike and cross-country skiing trips, as well as for indoor climbing. They’re also suited for ski mountaineering too. But in deep snow I prefer shell trousers.”


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