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An essential read if you are taking part in the Fjällräven Classic Denmark. Everything you need to know before you go.

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What essentially started with Åke Nordin, our founder, inviting groups of people to experience the outdoors with his new functional, durable clothes and equipment in the 70’s, stayed with us, developed and grew to become the first Fjällräven Classic event in Sweden in 2005. Since then, the interest for trekking expedition style – carrying your own equipment, setting up your own tent, cooking your own food and walking at your own pace, together with people just like you – has spread steadily across the world.

When did the Fjällräven Denmark Classic start?

Classic Denmark started in 2014 with a couple of hundred people. Now it has evolved into a global event with people from 20 different countries taking part in 2018. It’s still smaller than it’s older brother in Sweden, but last year there were 800 participants starting in two groups. This year the Fjällräven Classic Denmark starts on the 3rd July and we expect the biggest turn out yet. So if you didn’t get a chance to participate last year, join us for the next one.

Tell us about the Denmark Classic. What should I expect?

The Denmark Classic is also a relatively long route coming in at 75km, making it the second longest Classic trek after Sweden. It should be completed over 3 days. The route follows the South Funen Archipelago Trail, from Faldsled Harbour to Bjørnemose Gods. In this Classic you will get to experience culture mixed with nature. It’s a good route for beginners because unlike the Swedish version where you are in the remote wilderness, in the Danish version you are never far from civilization and can just stop if needed. This also makes it the most accessible route for families. It is not permitted to pitch camp wherever you want in Denmark, so camping is in three designated campsites along the way. It is essential that you arrive at each campsite on the planned night.

What should I prepare?

The best way to get the most out of any long-distance trek is a combination of good physical and mental training. We recommend you to walk 2-3 times a week out in nature in the run up to the trek to get yourself in physically good shape. You must carry everything you need on your back, so it is important to carry a 10kg plus backpack while you are training. Fjällräven takes care of the camping permits, walking permits, fire permits, and we arrange food as well. It’s a small core team from Fjällräven organizing all of that. It’s an intense amount of work beforehand. Last year there were 45 volunteers at the Denmark Classics alone. We basically want to take the stress away from organizing a hike yourself, but also let you go at your own pace on the trail.

What is the weather like?

It’s a summer trek, but don’t let that fool you. The weather can be temperamental, and it is important to bring insulated jackets with you to protect you from the colder evenings and nights. Along the route at this time of year the weather can be fantastic, good enough to be able to jump in the sea to cool off after a long day. But last year there was a lot of rain, which meant that almost half of starters did not finish the whole route.

What makes the Denmark event unique?

Maybe it’s because of the designated camping stops on the Denmark Classic which means that in the evening the campsites are a hub of interaction. Whatever it is, the community feeling on the Denmark event is incredible. At the nightly campsites, there is the opportunity to socialize with people from all over the world next to the campfires. It’s also common to find larger groups trekking together at the Danish event. In a way, Classic Denmark is the essence of Fjällräven’s desire to remove barriers for people who would like to spend more time outdoors. Outdoor life should be accessible.

Where can I find out more?

No matter if you are an experienced trekker or looking to take your first foray into long- distance hiking, you can find out more on the Fjällräven Classic website.

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