My Falk’s Expedition Jacket

The jacket always comes back. After 32 years and three losses, My Falk is still wearing her Expedition Jacket. Why?

In this day and age, we can all agree that there is much more to life than what we own. That being said, it can be particularly distressing when a treasured object is lost or stolen.  

But what makes something “treasured”?  

My Falk and her family, 1980
My and her family, 1980

In short: memories. 

At Fjällräven, we know that the longer an object sticks around, the more memories it collects. In fact, we refer to this quality as “emotional longevity”, and it is a central principle in our approach to designing products that are both durable and timeless. Products which are made to withstand years of wear and tear in the hopes that the memories they accumulate will make them virtually irreplaceable. Owning outdoor equipment for a long time is not only a statement about your commitment to what you own. It is a way to consume less and contribute to a more sustainable society.  

That is why we were so pleased to receive an email from My Falk of Sweden. In it she shares her story about an Expedition Jacket that she lost (and got back) not once, or twice, but three times. 

This wonderful jacket and friend has been used continuously for 32 years and it still has a lot to offer. I crawl into it in October and hang out in it until March.

“This wonderful jacket and friend has been used continuously for 32 years and it still has a lot to offer. I crawl into it in October and hang out in it until March.” 

My purchased her Expedition Jacket in the late 1980s from an outdoor shop in Solna, Sweden. Though she owned her previous winter jacket for 14 years, it was time for an upgrade to the legendary Expedition. Developed by Åke Nordin, the original Expedition Jacket was down filled and exceptionally warm. Perfect for long Swedish winters. 

The jacket also caught the eye of her son and daughter. Her son was the first to borrow it in high school. Then her daughter, who wore it to a school dance on a very cold evening. It was here that the jacket was lost for the first time.  

“I have on three occasions been convinced that I saw it for the last time, but it has always returned to me sooner or later.” 

Upon leaving the dance, My’s daughter realised that she lost her ticket for coat-check. Rather than leaving without her mother’s jacket, she waited until the dance ended and everyone left to retrieve it. Imagine her distress when she discovered it was no longer there. Someone had stolen it! A mother’s love is an extraordinary thing though, and My was more concerned about her daughter being cold. As she says, “My poor daughter had to go home freezing, worried about how I would take the loss”. It was a relief however, when the careless teenage thief wore it to school. With a police report and the principal’s intervention, it was returned to My. 

The jacket was stolen, and returned, yet again. Only this time it was on a train trip between Gothenburg and Hallsberg, Sweden. My went to the dining car for a coffee and came back to an empty seat. Luckily it was found weeks later on another train in the far north of Sweden.  

The jacket’s most recent adventure took place in 2016, where it was misplaced during a ski trip in the Dolomites

“I didn’t notice that it was gone until several days of skiing in Italy had passed. I had no idea where I left it. With the help of photos on the mobiles of my travel companions, I figured out the last time I had it was when we were having breakfast at the Europabrücke bridge in Austria. I located it after a few phone calls and the bus kindly stopped there on the way back to Sweden so I could pick it up.” 

Recent picture of My Falk and her family
Recent picture of My and her family

Life is made up of moments that create memories. From parenthood to new homes, vacations to grandchildren. For over three decades, My’s Expedition Jacket has been there, and has made some memories of its own. By My’s estimation, it will do so for years to come.  

“I often wonder if I should get a new jacket, but it’s unnecessary. Its durability means it will keep up at least until I’m 96.” 

If you too have an old time Fjällräven favourite that is full of outdoor memories and future plans, don’t hesitate to  write to us. #FjallravenStories 

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