The coveralls, made for memories and generations

Beloved by generations, a long-time customer shares her story about children’s coveralls.

The true value of a brand is sometimes best expressed by its fans. That’s certainly the case for long-time Fjällräven customer Yvonne. She contacted us with a heart-warming story about connecting people across generations and continents with Fjällräven products. Tapping into our wholehearted belief that a garment’s ability to last creates emotional value, we simply had to learn more. Yvonne was only too happy to share. 

Though it’s full of big ideas, her story starts off small – literally – with children’s coveralls. “Forty-seven years ago, I bought some coveralls for my first child. My grandchildren wear them now, and they still look like new.”

I can’t throw the coveralls away. And I won’t. There is no need. They are such good quality, that they still work.

Yvonne, Fjällräven customer

In Sweden, nature is something you often experience as a family. And we start young. For almost half a century, Yvonne invested in Fjällräven products that would let her family enjoy nature in comfort. A thoughtful consumer, she spent her time selecting the right pieces for her needs, including a jacket for herself and the ever-dependable Kånken backpacks for her children. And the overalls she bought for her toddler in 1973 really do reflect the Fjällräven design philosophy to create products that last. Though they are no longer made by Fjällräven, they possessed the same attributes that our kids’ clothes do now.

Products lasting a long time means a lot to me.

Yvonne, Fjällräven customer


If you’ve ever clothed a child, you know that versatility and comfort are key. They grow out of clothes quickly, so they must be usable in a variety of scenarios. Furthermore, children aren’t fond of putting on bulky layers, so outerwear should be easy to pop on top of first-layer garments. Made of warm and water-resistant fabric, and equipped with a covered zipper, Yvonne’s coveralls got plenty of wear in the seventies. And continue to do so today.

“I can’t throw the coveralls away. And I won’t. There is no need. They are such good quality, that they still work.”


“People often ask, ‘Are they new?’ when they see the coveralls. They can’t believe it when I tell them how old they are. They think they look like new.”

Kids play hard. As they should! Though a garment may only fit a child for a few months, trust that it must be sturdy enough, in both material and construction, to withstand high-impact wear and tear. Lasting almost 50 years, Yvonne’s coveralls have enabled energetic exploration by two generations of pint-sized nature enthusiasts. By all accounts, they still look like new. Even with minimalistic care: “Most often, I only give them an airing”. 


“The design is really classic. They just don’t look outdated.”

Two garments and two uncomplicated shades, with nothing more than a leather Fjällräven badge adorning them; Yvonne’s coveralls will never go out of style. Classic in its simplicity, the design is pure, functional, and meant for inheritance in any decade. You can be sure that Yvonne bought the coveralls with the full intention of one day handing them down to her younger children, and her grandchildren. As do many parents who invest in Fjällräven products today.

“Some of my favourite memories were made when the children were wearing the coveralls. They were so happy.”

National traditions die hard, even when you live across the world. Yvonne’s daughter may reside in Australia today, but she continues carrying on the Swedish practice of spending quality time in nature. To this day, the coveralls provide plenty of protection on cool and rainy days. As does Yvonne’s Greenland jacket, which her daughter now wears.

The design is really classic. They just don’t look outdated.

Yvonne, Fjällräven customer

As she transitions back to work life in Australia, Yvonne’s daughter has again looked to her mother – and homeland brand Fjällräven – to ensure her kids are equipped for day care. A blue Kånken backpack, purchased by Yvonne for her own children’s schooldays, is now in use by her oldest grandson.

“Products lasting a long time means a lot to me.”

Collecting decades of memories from around the world, the impact of Yvonne’s purchases is two-fold. On one hand, they’re helping her maintain a closer connection with her daughter and grandchildren. On the other, she’s contributing to a more thoughtful, and sustainable, approach to buying new products. It’s a headspace very much in-line with our values. In 1973, and today.

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