Goal achieved; we’ve walked Fjällräven Classic

At 11.38pm last night we crossed the finish line as a team. We started as colleagues and finished as friends. And we have loved the experience. It's not always been easy though. The never-ending walk into the Kieron checkpoint really pushed our patience. If we never see a stone again, we'll be pleased. And if only we'd had a little more sunshine. But overall it's been amazing. We've laughed a lot, met amazing and highly positive people, despite the tough challenges they faced each day and we've even learned a thing or two about trekking in the great outdoors. Oh and let's not forget that we've spent the past four days hiking in a simply outstanding landscape, full of nature's drama.

Tomorrow we'll be posting some tips on what to think about for next year's Classic, direct from this year's trekkers. But for now, here are some 'behind the scenes' images of our experience.

Congratulations to all of this year's Fjällräven Classic trekkers - what an amazing achievement!

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