MT vs. G-1000 Air

Both are quick-drying, breathable and light, so why are we replacing MT with G-1000 Air?

For those of you who have been fans of Fjällräven for more than just the past few years, you might have heard of MT or Micro Travel. MT is a lightweight, quick-drying and wrinkle-free material that we have been using in our collection of travel garments. It is a great material. And it was a real first for us as a cold-weather brand. It was our first real foray into warmer climates. And it's a fabric we created in-house, just like our original G-1000 material. We're pretty proud of that.

Using Micro Travel in Fjällräven travel garments

MT is a blend of micro polyamide and cotton and this has proved to be a winning combination. For long hikes under a hot sun, breathability and lightness are key. Because you are going to sweat - there's no doubt about that - so you need a material that will dry quickly and let out as much body heat as possible.

So far, so good. But material and product development can run along at a rapid pace. Add to that our ever-greater focus on sustainability and it became clear that MT was up for a review. For our Spring/Summer 2017 collection we launched G-1000 Air.

Our G-1000 fabric is approaching its 50th birthday. It was developed in 1968 as part of the development of the Greenland Jacket. The material was originally destined to be the outer shell of our tents, but it was too heavy. So, it found a new home as a jacket. Over the years there have been many new additions to the G-1000 family, including G-1000 Silent, G-1000 Lite and G-1000 HeavyDuty. Along with the application of Greenland Wax, all these different G-1000 materials mean our clothing can be adapted to all manner of different environments and weather conditions - except for when it's hot. Enter MT.

But to make things simpler for you - and us, if we're honest - we have now decided to remove MT from our range and replace it with the much more logically named G-1000 Air.

"G-1000 Air is stronger, withstands more wear, dries faster and has a more airy feel than MT. In addition, G-1000 Air offers better ventilation than MT while providing almost the same UV protection - perfect for warmer climates," says Felix Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Production Coordinator at Fjällräven and responsible for all fabric testing.

Trekking in the mountains. Fjällräven backpacks

The functions are, however, much the same as those of MT. It's light, airy and quick-drying, helping you keep your cool when the temperature starts to rise. But, it's made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, making it a far better choice for nature. It also has a much looser weave that makes it softer and less prone to chafing than MT.

"With a denser weave, cotton fibres tend to swell and tighten when they get wet. This makes the fabric stiff, which can lead to chafing. A looser weave on the other hand still feels soft and comfortable when it's damp or even when it's really wet," says Johan Skullman, our product tester and outdoor survival expert.

MT will be completely out of our range from spring 2018, but you can buy a G-1000 Air garment now. A few of our favourites are featured below.

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