The G-1000 timeline

G-1000 debuted in 1968 and has been developed and optimised ever since. Follow the timeline of its fascinating history and range of functional variations.

1968: The original G-1000 is born

Imagine a fabric so ideal for outdoor living that it remains virtually unchanged, and unchallenged by alternatives, for over 40 years. That is precisely what Åke Nordin created when he repurposed a rejected tent material for a hardwearing jacket. The material was G-1000, and it debuted in 1968 as the main material in the Greenland Jacket. One of Fjällräven’s most iconic products. 

Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and impregnated with Greenland Wax for water repellency, G-1000 was durable, but relatively lightweight, resistant to unpredictable weather conditions, but also breathable. 

In fact, G-1000 proves to be so good at what it does that it remains as-is until 2010. In that year, not one, but two, new versions were launched.

2010: Enter G-1000 Silent and G-1000 Lite

G-1000 Silent was launched in 2010 as a solution to the noise some outdoor fabrics make while moving around. The G-1000 Silent is brushed, making it smooth and soft to the touch, and therefore quieter than other versions. The material still maintains the same tried-and-true properties of the original G-1000, only it is particularly well suited to conservation and hunting activities.

G-1000 Silent

The same year, the warm-weather version of G-1000 also makes its debut. G-1000 Lite was developed as a more flexible version of the classic material but retains its strength with rip-stop threads that boosts its resistance to tearing. It also comes lightly waxed to offer resistance to gentle winds and showers. Perfect for summertime rambles. 

2011: G-1000 Eco and G-1000 Heavy Duty offer more versatility 

Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, G-1000 Eco rolled out in 2011. It was an important step in updating the material, because the recycled polyester requires fewer materials to be made, and the organic cotton uses fewer chemicals to grow. Today, every up-to-date item that would have used the original G-1000 is instead made from G-1000 Eco.

And though G-1000 has always been durable, G-1000 Heavy Duty took things a step further. Impregnated twice with Greenland Wax, the material is especially sturdy. The added impregnation makes it ideal for use in products where resilience, rather than airflow, is a priority. For products that need a smooth high-density fabric, like backpacks, we use G-1000 Heavy Duty Eco S. Its finer weave makes it feel slightly lighter.

2017: G-1000 Air brings maximum breathability to the mix

The most recent addition to the G-1000 range is G-1000 Air. With it, trekking in tough warm weather conditions is more pleasant. A lightweight version of the original material, G-1000 Air features a looser weave and is unwaxed for maximum breathability in sunny and hot scenarios.

The latest contribution: G-1000 Air Stretch

A high-quality, mechanical stretch fabric, G-1000 Air Stretch is the ideal material for garments that must be light, airy and offer unrestricted movement. Mad with organic cotton and partly recycled polyester it is durable and ideal for a range of outdoor activities. 

Do you have a G-1000 story to tell?

G-1000 – and all of its variations – is Fjällräven’s cornerstone material and is used in everything from backpacks to trousers. Why? Because the products made with G-1000 will last for a lifetime of adventures. And memories. If you have a cherished G-1000 product with a great story, share it with us on Instagram with the hashtag #fjallravenstories. We may contact you to be featured on our Foxtrail blog.

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