Around the world with Keb Trousers

When Wildlife Photographer George McKenzie Jr. travels the world, he relies on durable and dependable gear. This is his trouser story.

A great pair of trousers are ones that you do not have to think about very much. You will simply wear them again and again for years to come – creating and collecting outdoor memories along the way. 

Wildlife Photographer George McKenzie Jr. knows this, and met up with us to share his particular enthusiasm for Keb Trousers.

From Brooklyn, New York, George is used to travelling the world. Currently, he is walking every single block of his neighbourhood with his camera. His mission: highlight the city’s history, and document why this area is so special to him. 

When George is travelling or on-location for a photoshoot however, you may very well find him wearing a pair of Keb Trousers. Why? “I believe that there is no such thing as bad weather. There is only bad gear.” 

George is also an advocate for those living in larger cities who want to venture out into nature. Versatile and durable trekking trousers, like the award-winning Keb, are ideal for this as they are designed for freedom of movement. Perfect for a challenging trek or roaming the concrete jungle.

“I’ve been a long-time fan of the Keb Trousers. They’ve been on assignment with me everywhere. From Malawi in Africa to Murupara in New Zeeland. When Fjällräven released the Keb Green Camo-Laurel Green series this year, I fell in love with the intricate details of the design and the functionality. This year’s Keb Trousers are the culmination of all good things that were on the prior years´ designs. I especially love the zip fly with button closure.”

What’s your trouser story?

The right pair of trousers will take you on decades of adventures. Do you have a story about Fjällräven trousers? Share it by emailing, or post to Facebook and Instagram and tag it #FjallravenStories. Your story could be shared on the Foxtrail.

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