Your favourite hiking trails

Here are more than 20 hiking trails for you to try – recommended by you.

We asked. You replied. Thank you for sharing your favourite hikes with us. There were lots of others on the list, but we’ve included all of those with personal comments – just so everyone can get a good idea of what to expect.

They’re in no specific order; no hike is better than the other. They’re just different.

We’ve not done many of these personally, but we’re very excited about getting our walking boots and giving them a go.

Trek name: The Kerry Way, Ireland.
Recommended by: Andrew Mullen.
Comments: “A 200km long loop walk beginning from Killarney with lakeside walking through the woods, up past Torc Waterfall and out into the mountains. Then down through ancient deciduous forest into the Black Valley and up near the highest mountain in Ireland.”

Hadrian's Wall, Scotland
Hadrian's Wall

Trek name: Hadrian’s Wall Walk, Scotland .
Recommended by: Matthias Kreuziger.
Comments: “It is a fantastic (rather easy) hike from coast to coast along a piece of real history, as this was the northern border of the Roman Empire.

Trek name: Alpe-Adria Trail .
Recommended by: Marjolein Rijinders.
Comments: “We walked a part of it in Slovenia. The Soca Valley is really beautiful.”

Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Trek name: Laugavegur Trail, Iceland.
Recommended by: Patrick Kraus & Debbie Marinkovic.
Comments: “The Trail is quite hard and exhausting, but the views you get are simply otherwordly! If you‘re lucky and have good weather conditions, this trail is simply breathtaking.”

Trek name: Reyjadalur Trail, Iceland.
Recommended by: Joyce Luscuere-Janson.
Comments: “It was a brilliant hike with the additional gift of a hot river to relax in.”

Trek name: The walker’s Haute Route, France to Switzerland.
Recommended by: Fiona Argyle.
Comments: “It’s, quite simply, absolutely incredible.”

Marlborough Sound, New Zealand
Marlborough Sound

Trek name: Queen Charlotte Path, New Zealand
Recommended by: Silva Lanfranchi.
Comments: “Queen Charlotte Path is 71km through the Marlborough Sound, up and down along the sea and over ridges, though the NZ Bush. It’s stunningly beautiful with plenty of great places to take a break.”

Trek name: Gotthard Trail, Switzerland.
Recommended by: Silva Lanfranchi.
Comments: “The Gotthard trail is an incredible historical route – the very same that people used up until the 19th century to cross the Alps. It's a trail to walk in our ancestors’ footsteps.”

Recommended by: Silva Lanfranchi.
Comments: “The Gotthard trail is an incredible historical route – the very same that people used up until the 19th century to cross the Alps. It's a trail to walk in our ancestors’ footsteps.”

Trek name: Israel National Trail.
Recommended by: Micha VD.
Comments: “The diversity of the terrain is amazing: desert, mountains, forest, walking on the shore. Also the condition of the trail is great; it’s very well marked and maintained with free night camps. Also the Trail Angel network is amazing. You really meet local people who can help you with a place to stay and especially in the desert: water, maildrops and food.”

Trek name: Leetrail and Eislektreail in Belgium.
Recommended by: Victor Marinus.
Comments: “In my opinion these are trails where you can get a real "nature" experience in very populated Benelux. Together they give you more than 150km of trails with a broad difference in scenery. Along the trails there are some small campsites, too. As a bonus the first 100km are easily connected by railroad. So you can catch a train to the starting point and after 100km (or at some places near the trail) get a train back to the starting point. So no problems with transport.”

Trek name: Finse-Haulelister trail, Norway.
Recommended by: Jonas Wikström.
Comments: “It’s just a couple of hours from Oslo and easily accessed with public transport, but it’s a total wilderness, with a lot of reindeers, huts, lakes, fishing, paddling and climbing.” 

Yorkshire Wolds, UK
Yorkshire Wolds

Trek name: Wolds Way, East Yorkshire, UK.
Recommended by: David Allsup.
Comments: “The Wolds Way is one of the least frequented long-distance trails in the UK. Whilst not being overly dramatic compared to the West Highland Way or the Kungsleden (which we’ve done), it has a charm and beauty of its own. It passes through gently rolling countryside crossed by unusually dry valleys. The villages you pass through give you a glimpse into an England of the past, one that pre-dates mass-tourism and commercialisation. Highlights include the village of Thixendale, one of the last places in the UK to receive a television signal. There is less accommodation on route than you might imagine, meaning some planning is required for those undertaking the route in one journey.”

Trek name: Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia.
Recommended by: John Simanjuntak.
Comments: ”It’s so unique. Right beside it is a small volcano in the middle of a lake and there are natural hot springs, too. You pass through rainforest, savanna and past many  waterfalls.”

The Milford Track, New Zealand
The Milford Track

Trek name: The Milford Track, New Zealand .
Recommended by: Tibor Pados.
Comments: “This hike is quite remote (no signs of civilisation except for a few huts and pedestrian bridges once you’re dropped off on the shore by a boat (also nice start experience). But two things stood out for me: firstly they care so much for the track as well as the flora and fauna that the number of hikers (they call them ‘trampers’) is limited every day to a handful of people. Secondly the views are stunning, not only on sunny days but when it’s raining, too – suddenly hundreds of waterfalls (big and small) appear on both sides of the valley (which are very close to the track itself) making even a wet day simply magical.”

Meadows and Hills in Low Tatra Mountains National Park, Slovakia in Summer.
Meadows and Hills in Low Tatra Mountains National Park, Slovakia in Summer.

Trek name: Low Tatras, Slovakia.
Recommended by: Martin Vasiley.
Comments: “I like the fact it is a week- long trek on the ridge which itself is a big plus. You enjoy marvelous views of other beautiful mountain ranges all the time (High Tatras and Muranska Planina). Another plus is that the first part is grassy and the second part is rocky. Additionally there are couple cabins and water along the way and a lot of beautiful camping spots, too. The landscape is extremly beautifull over there and the trail is well maintained and properly marked (it is part of much longer trail). Also it is not completelly away from civilization. So a good package in general.”

Trek name: The Great Alpine Trail, Italy .
Recommended by: Davide Ferrero.
Comments: “The GTA passes through many natural parks, offering great views of the spectacular Alpine landscape.”

Trek name: Los Dientes, Isla Navarino, Chile.
Recommended by: Mouton Romain.
Comments: “It’s the most southern trek, when South is North! I like its sweet brutality, the accessible remoteness, this feeling of being at the end of the world like in Abisko and last but not least, the proximity of Antarctica making the weather highly unpredictable. The only way to reach this island is by zodiac or small plane, which also adds a sense of adventure.”

Trek name: The High Atlas Traverse over Mount Ighil, M’Goun, Morocco.
Recommended by: Stephen Glanzl.
Comments: “It’s a very remote and not really ‘crowded’ region of the High Atlas, so you can be by yourself and enjoy pure nature. The few people you’ll meet are Berber and I’ve never met more respectful and warm-hearted people on my journeys!”

Trek name: Adlerweg, Tirol, Austria.
Recommended by: Jurij Nesvat.
Comments: “ It has amazing views; even in peak season it’s usually pretty empty (not everyone follows the same path). Even when the hut is full, you might not see a single person during the next day of hiking; and it’s a nice balance of hard black-marked routes with staying in cosy huts with showers and beds (tents are not allowed in Tirol).”

Cornwall Coastal Path, UK
Cornwall Coastal Path

Trek name: Cornwall Coastal Path, UK.
Recommended by: Sarah Twomers.
Comments: “I love the wildness and ruggedness of the coast. The ups, the downs, the extremes of weather.”

Trek name: O Camino dos Faros, Malpica-Finisterre, North West Galicia, Spain.
Recommended by: Pi Rico.
Comments: “I am in love with this trail! It is a 200km (8 stages) hiking route in Galicia, Spain. The trail passes through loads of different landscapes, but always with views over the Atlantic Sea. You’ll see lighthouses, beaches, dunes, rivers , cliffs, forest, estuaries with a great variety of birds , ancient hill forts, fishing villages, spectacular viewpoints from where to enjoy how the sea breaks in all ways possible, sunsets and so on. This route is different from the others that will take you to a world full of unique sensations only enjoyable on A Costa da Morte (The Death Coast).”

Trek name: Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand
Recommended by: Julie Stacey
Comments: “It’s 3000kms over the entire length of New Zealand. It includes beaches, forests, mountains, volcanoes and rivers. Then there’s the generosity of the Kiwi people - it's not just another hike; it'll change your life.”  

Trek name: Cambrian Way, Wales.
Recommended by: Rhys Davis.
Comments: “It’s a wild, long-distance, unofficial hiking route taking in the most dramatic scenery in Wales.”

The GR20, Corsica
The GR20

Trek name: GR20, Corsica.
Recommended by: Stefan Kästner.
Comments: “There are so many beautiful and wild mountains to see over two weeks of challenging trekking.”


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