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Fjällräven Polar | 9 minutes read

Kitty Zaja x Polar 2018

Kitty Zaja, a participant in Polar 2018, tells us about her experiences and how the journey changed her life.

Fjällräven Polar | 5 minutes read

What is Polar?

We talk a lot about Polar. But what exactly is it? Everything you need to know about the journey of...

Adventures | 6 minutes read

Putting the Fjällräven into Fjällräven Polar

What would you do to get a place at Fjällräven Polar? For one Fjällräven employee it took 70 nights in...

Adventures | 6 minutes read

Welcome to our world

Fjällräven Polar is a life-changing adventure that neither you nor we can get enough of.


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