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Ted Weirum’s gear recommendations

Ted tell us about his tips and tricks for preparing for the Fjällräven Classic.

Tips | 6 minutes read

Five tips to becoming a ski-touring pro

Don’t go too steep A common mistake, both for beginners and more seasoned skiers, is to skin up on too...

Adventures | 3 minutes read

Your best hiking tips

Here are 15 trekking tips for you to put into practice – recommended by you.

GUIDES | 2 minutes read

Nature photography tips from the pros

Instagrammers Daniel Taipale & Pie Aerts share their tricks of the trade.  

GUIDES | 6 minutes read

Five tips for trekking solo

Our social media manager has some advice for hiking soloists.

GUIDES | 5 minutes read

Prepare for Classic – part 4: Essential tips not to miss

Whether your trekking Classic in Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong or the US, these are the tips to get you through.

GUIDES | 3 minutes read

Trekking feet and boot care

Ensure you have happy, healthy feet throughout your trek.

GUIDES | 3 minutes read

Trekking tips for beginners

Ensure your first trek is enjoyable from start to finish with this helpful guide.

GUIDES | 8 minutes read

How to build a campfire

It provides safety, warmth and light, not to mention good vibes and toasted marshmallows.

GUIDES | 3 minutes read


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