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Sustainability | 5 Minutes read

The future of wool production

The most important reasons why we love to use wool and where the future of wool production is heading.

Sustainability | 8 Minutes read

Not just any wool

Soft, durable, moisture wicking, odour resistant and warming - what more could we possibly want? Sustainability of course.

Sustainability | 6 Minutes read

Making traceable wool a reality

Knowing where our wool is from is the only way to know how the sheep are treated.

Products | 4 Minutes read

Waste not, want not

Re-Wool collection is made from recycled wool. Read on to find out more.

Products | 5 Minutes read

Swedish sheep – the product takes shape

Warm, soft and incredibly cosy. Find out more about the 'perfect winter sweater'.

Products | 4 Minutes read

Swedish sheep – from sheep to yarn

The next chapter in our Swedish sheep story is underway. Now our wool is taking on a new form.

Sustainability | 7 Minutes read

Swedish sheep – the journey begins

Meet our sheep. They're part of our plan to have full traceability in our wool supply chain.


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