Prepare for Classic – part 4: Essential tips not to miss

In the final part of our prepare for Fjällräven Classic series, we really knuckled down and came up with our most essential tips. Follow these and we assure you, you’ll have your best Classic ever.

Happy hikers at fjällräven Classic Denmark

Arrive early, leave late

Check in early, ideally the day before your trek begins. And make sure you stay for the party at the end of the trek. We promise you, you won’t want to miss that. In the US this is particularly important, as it’ll give you time to acclimatise to the altitude.

Happy hiker

Take your time

Fjällräven Classic is not a race. So go at a pace that allows you to enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere. And start early to make the most of the day and miss the worst of the heat. Remember, you are more likely to regret the things you didn’t do, than the things you did. So take time to swim in that river, jump in the sea, chat to someone new and try and traditional Swedish sauna.

Happy hikers at the end of a trekking day

Make friends

OK, so we’re not advocating bribery, but take some extra snacks and sweets along with you and share them with people you meet. A tired trekker instantly becomes a happy trekker with some sugar!

Taking a break on fjällräven classic

Eat well

Freeze-dried food and a few other little extras are included in your ticket price, but sometimes you need to add a little spice to your life. Pack some dried spices – paprika is a favourite of ours – some hard cheese – we love parmesan – and perhaps even try get some dried reindeer meat in Kiruna if you’re trekking with us in Sweden. In fact, Mikael, our on-site event coordinator recommends bringing less stuff (read: clothes) and more food and treats.

Reindeers in the mountains

Watch out for the wildlife

While Denmark doesn’t have bears, and Hong Kong doesn’t have moose, that doesn’t mean they are totally devoid of wildlife. You’re likely to see a rich variety of flora and fauna of the smaller kind at any one of our Classics. But, be aware of the mosquitoes (both in Hong Kong and in northern Sweden) and for the ticks in Denmark. Our Danish team advises you to check yourself daily for ticks, paying particular attention to warmer, sweatier areas of your body. And in the US, please take the threat of bears seriously. Do not leave food lying around.

Top Classic Denmark tip

Heavy hiking boots aren’t necessary. Go light and make your feet happy.

Happy hikers at fjällräven classic denmark, fjällräven backpacks

Top Classic USA tip

Bring something to flavour your water. The water from the streams, even after purifying, doesn’t taste all that great. Some fruit cordial is ideal.

Happy hikers on fjällräven classic usa

Top Classic Sweden tip

Do not miss the sauna at Alesjaure. Enough said!

View of the sauna at Alesjaure, Sweden

Top Classic Hong Kong tip

Bring an umbrella and attach it to your backpack. It’s perfect for when it’s raining but still 30°C.

Hikers on the trail, Fjällräven Classic Hongkong, fjällräven backpack

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