You’re never too small to dream big

We all fall in love for the first time at different ages. That head-over-heels moment hits when it wants to. But unlike other first loves, when we fall in love with nature it’s usually forever.

For nine-year-old Morris Jensen this love affair is already in full bloom. “I love being outside. It’s fun. My favourite thing to do is snowboarding.”

Morris Jensen, 9yrs

Morris lives on Sweden’s west coast in the town of Båstad. He has been brought up with a closeness to raw nature, with a brisk sea breeze ruffling his hair and deep forests to explore.

But it’s mountains that really piqué his interest and the higher the better.

“My dream is to go to Nepal. There are so many mountains there. I want to go to Everest Base Camp. Then I want to go as far up as I can. Mountains are cool.”

Yes, Morris has a family that supports and inspires him. His father organise mountain bike trips and his grandparents are keen mountain trekkers. But it’s perhaps nature itself that has been Morris’ biggest inspiration. He reminds us all that you’re never too small to dream big.

You’re never too small to dream big

We all have a connection to nature. And it's truly personal. Read nine-year old Morris' story.

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