Your guide to Fjällräven Polar

Here’s everything you need to navigate Fjällräven Polar, and importantly, how you can join the expedition in April 2024.

What is Fjällräven Polar?  

300km of Arctic wilderness, 180 skilled sled dogs, a handful of experts and a small group of people, just like you. We call it Fjällräven Polar – but what is it, exactly? Read the article, here.

How to apply to Fjällräven Polar 2024

Ready to leave your comfort zone? Then this is the blog post for you! Read all the details on how to apply for the adventure of a lifetime. 

The challenges of Fjällräven Polar 2024

To earn your place on next year’s expedition, you will need to complete three challenges via Instagram. They will be released weekly from Monday 30th October 2023. Read the details on each challenge as they’re released, here. 

How to dress in Arctic conditions 

As the age-old phrase goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. But how do you dress for the extreme conditions found above the Arctic Circle?   Read the article, here.

The life of a musher  

How you drive, manage and feed your team of six sled dogs will be very important during the Fjällräven Polar expedition. Learn from lead musher, Aron Andersson, who reveals what life is like connecting and collaborating with his pack of Alaskan huskies. Read the article here.

Meet the Fjällräven Polar Alumni 

For some participants, Fjällräven Polar has had a transformative impact. Read the stories from some of our expedition alumni on how life changed when they stepped out of their comfort zone.

“I couldn’t swim in a swimming pool, but I learned to swim in an ocean. And Fjällräven Polar was the ocean!” For Nooshin Hamzehloo, Fjällräven Polar was her way of celebrating life so far, making a statement to the world (and herself) that the best is yet to come. Read Nooshin’s story.

"Fjällräven Polar puts you on a pathway to learning and doing so many things that it’s impossible to put into words." Discover how Fjällräven Polar helped technophile Kert Kivaste find a different kind of connection in the Scandinavian Arctic. Read Kert’s story.

"You have to bring your A-game. You’re not out here by yourself and every person’s life depends on each other." Deep dive into Fjällräven Polar with wildlife photographer George McKenzie Jr. who explains how he travelled 300km through Arctic wilderness powered by sled dogs and his positive attitude. Read George’s story.

"We don’t learn how to survive – we learn how to live" After participating in Fjällräven Polar 2018, Kitty Zaja turned her life upside down. Here, she explains how the Arctic expedition inspired her to transform her life and career. Read Kitty’s story.

"It's a community experience that’s so unique that the group of people involved will be forever connected. That's the beauty of Fjällräven Polar." Ian Finch has made a career of months-long adventures in extreme conditions. Here he shares his Fjällräven Polar experience and explains why our toughest moments might just be our greatest treasures. Read Ian’s Q&A

Fjällräven Polar FAQs

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Get into the nitty gritty of Fjällräven Polar with our FAQs. Read here the article.

Join the adventure of a lifetime


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